Quran Tarteel Course

Quran Tarteel Course

Tarteel is a Arabic word translated as “slow, measured rhythmic tones”. In general, Tarteel means “Recitation (slow, measured rhythmic tones)”.

Tarteel is also the term used to define the rules explaining proper recitation of the Quran in that manners in which Angel Gabriel(A.s) revealed (wahi) Holy book (Quran) to our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad(peace be upon him).While reciting must keep in mind the fasl (division) and wasl (joining) of words and sentences.
On the other hand, in this course we teach the recitation of Quran , recitaiton refers to read slow , measured rhythmic tones that is realy beautiful to listen and to pay full attention toward your GOD. That’s true we get the requital for such praying’s.

How much Tarteel is beneficial for us read following references:

Wa rattilil qur’aana tarteelaa”, “and recite the Qur’an in slow measured rhythmic tones

(Al-Quran in Surah Muzammil, verse 4)

And recite the Qur’an in slow measured rhythmic tones

(chapter 73 verse 4 of the Qur’an)

Saying the words clearly with slow rhythm and recite with understanding and pronouncing the contents correctly is of prime importance.

Recite the Quran slowly, making the letters clear, for this is an assistance in understanding and pondering the meaning of the Quran

(Ibn Kathir)

One should neither recite the Qur’an with such speed that it might become incomprehensible and bore the listener nor the recitation be so slow that it takes a long time and puts the listeners off.

Tarteel is delivering words according to their outlets for sound or intonations (makharij).

Fourth caliph Hazrat Ali(R.A) ibn- Abi Talib)

In Quran Tarteel (Recitation) course alquranteach.com has aims to teach students how to recite Quran with correct pronunciation using methods of Quran Tajweed. In fact meaning of Quran words can change even with slight alteration of pronunciation of word. Alquranteach have such Tutor those teach students with effective rules used for pronunciation of Arabic in Quran and these helps the student to recite Quran correctly without making any mistake.

NOTE: While praying, we recite with TARTEEL, not TAJWEED.

Mandatory Benefits:

  • Tajweed-e-Quran (Pronunciation of Holy Quran).
  • Daily Prayers (Salah) of five times inlcuding prayer of Jumma.. by video or our tutor guidlines
  • Memorization of various Prays (Duas).
  • Memorization of short Surahs from Quran Majeed.
  • Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers. slow but steady
  • Even we suggest your ethical routine life issue with help of Quran-e-pak’s ayat and ahadees on your request.