Quran Translation Course

Quran Translation Course

The Holy Quran has been revealed in Arabic language. This course is designed for those who already know how to read Quran but yearn to learn the meanings hidden in Arabic language.

It doesn’t matter what your native language is, once you come for this course and start learning you will gradually be delighted to find yourself with understanding what you have read all your life.

Holy Quran is the divine book of God and has been revealed on our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Quran is the only divine book about which God has declared Himself to be its custodian that’s why Quran has been sealed in the same form as revealed by God.

Quran has been sent by God for the guidance of the universe.

Quran is guidance for every one whether Arabs or non-Arabs.

It is as necessary for non-Arabs to understand Quran as for Arab people. It is important for all Muslim to know what ALLAH tell us in Quran? What are the teachings of Islam? These all only possible when you come to know what Quran said in your own language. Thus, it has become very important for non-Arabs to understand Quran in their own languages.

Even Arabs to understand the true or exact means of Quran’s teachings, it’s important to read Quran-e-majeed by capable teacher/scholars because there are many words used in Quran which cannot be understood or clear by own capability fully by knowing their literal meanings only such as Toheed, Fast, Sala’at, Zaka’at, and Hajj etc. That’s why Arabs are required to learn ‘Tafseer’ as well as ‘translation’ so as to understand the real meaning, messages and teachings of our God in Qur’an-e-Majeed. We are talking about Arabs to explore the concept, Arabs need teacher to understand the meaning of Quran so we are the muslim with urdu or English language so we need to extra focus for learning Quran meaning with Arabic.

Tafseer (Story behind the each every AYAT (sentence) ) of Quran is given by experienced Quran Tutor to ensure the transfer of accurate knowledge. In this course the most inspiring and interesting aspect is learning in a manner which lead you to the collective translation of each verse by follow each word and its meaning.

This method was created by Islamic scholars to help students comprehend the Holy Quran in that language chosen by ALLAH AZWAJAL.

Mandatory Benefits:

  • Tajweed-e-Quran (Pronunciation of Holy Quran).
  • Daily Prayers (Salah) of five times inlcuding prayer of Jumma.. by video or our tutor guidlines
  • Memorization of various Prays (Duas).
  • Memorization of short Surahs from Quran Majeed.
  • Method of Funeral and Eid Prayers. slow but steady
  • Even we suggest your ethical routine life issue with help of Quran-e-pak’s ayat and ahadees on your request.